‘The White Princess’ Finale: Old Curses Die Hard

This is it: the finale of ‘The White Princess’. Lizzie is
tasked with the impossible, choosing between her brother and
her husband. Who finally wins the power battle that’s dominated
their lives?

It’s such a shame that The White Princess was only
eight episodes, because the finale only leaves viewers with
more questions than answers. The eighth episode, which aired on
June 4, opens with a distraught Lizzie (Jodie
) confessing the unimaginable to Henry
(Jacob Collins Levy): it was her who set the
fire, not Prince Richard! Henry comes to realize that Lizzie

truly believes the “pretender” is her sibling
, and now he
must decide — will he really execute his wife’s little brother?
It’s not like it hasn’t happened before, to be honest. That’s
the second big reveal of the episode: Henry knows that the Lady
Mother (Michelle Fairley) killed the two York
brothers in the tower all those years ago. Looks like she
didn’t have to murder Jasper in cold blood after all!

Jasper was right, though; knowing what his mother did
devastates Henry. You see, Elizabeth Woodville (Essie
set a curse on the person who killed her sons
, that they
should suffer as she did — and their sons die. Guess who has
like, two sons — and a daughter? Henry believes that his mother
has destroyed his family, and won’t let her manipulate him
anymore. Just short of murdering her (that seems to be a theme
in this episode), Henry chokes his mother, drags her out into
the hallway, and tells everyone watching that they need to keep
her away from him — and stop listening to anything she says.
It’s about time!

He’s reliant on Lizzie, though, and she’s not much better.

Henry and Lizzie love one another
more than anything — even
the crown. Lizzie convinces him that to escape the curse, they
must execute another low-level blonde criminal and make
everyone believe he’s Richard. It works on everyone except the
Duchess of Burgundy. Maggie (Rebecca Benson),
ho is still playing double agent between the Yorks and Tudors,
passes on a note to the Spanish ambassador, telling him he’s
been deceived.

There’s no marriage between little Prince Arthur and Princess
Catherine of Spain unless the York boys are dead. And Lizzie
does that. While Henry has been locked in his room for days,
wrought with grief and guilt over the throne he didn’t earn,
Lizzie takes care of business. After years of hating Lady
Margaret, Lizzie has become her, echoed in a speech that she
gives Maggie after she’s thrown in the tower for her espionage.
That tower is now empty. They forced poor, sweet Teddy, who’s
gone mad after his years in isolation, to sign (or rather,
scribble) his name on a document declaring he committed
treason. He’s executed promptly.

Richard is given a royal execution after comforting Teddy
through his death. He berates Lizzie for doing this, and she
sobs. As the executioner brings down his sword onto Richard’s
neck, he bellows, “England, take my blood!” All seems right for
Lizzie and her family, but there’s that curse. Did Lizzie bring
it upon them herself by killing her brother and cousin?

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