‘The Leftovers’ Series Finale: Nora & Kevin Get Their Happy Ending After All

After a series of truly bizarre events throughout the final
season, ‘The Leftovers’ ends with the extremely emotional
reunion of Nora and Kevin. The catch? Well, you’re just going
to have to read on to find out.

Ladies and gentleman, it is finally time for the mysterious and
fascinating The Leftovers to come to an end. The
series finale episode kicks off with Nora (Carrie
) finally getting what she wanted: to travel to
where ever it is her children are. Before leaving she gets to
say a final goodbye to her brother, Matt (Christopher
), and then she goes inside a bizarre circle
chamber. The chamber fills up with fluid and Nora gasps for one
last breathe before going under and then suddenly the screen
goes blue. It’s the sky, and we watch as doves start to fill
the screen as the camera pans down to a much older Nora with
long grey hair and a baseball cap. Or should we call her Sarah?
As you might remember, this is the same woman we saw in the
final season’s premiere episode.

Nora, aka Sarah, brings the recently captured doves to a nun
who asks her if she knows someone named Kevin. He apparently
showed up with a picture of Nora asking if the nun knew her,
but the nun claims she lied to him. Bizarre because, well,
she’s a nun and also because Nora/Sarah tells her she doesn’t
know anyone named Kevin. When Nora/Sarah returns to her home
she panics. We watch as she locks her doors, closes her blinds
and then apparently starts packing. But, it’s too late. There’s
a knock at the door and when Nora opens it to see Kevin her
face washes over with emotion. When we finally get to see Kevin
he’s older just like Nora, and for some bizarre reason he
introduces himself as if they don’t know each other. He tells
her exactly that — that they don’t know each other very well —
but that they talked a couple of times. Nora is clearly
confused because this isn’t true: they were married, they moved
to Miracle together, there’s a lot more to their story than
he’s saying.

Nora’s reaction is to accuse Kevin of lying. She mentions the
nun and that he’s been showing people a picture of her and
that’s how he found her, but he laughs it off as if she’s
crazy. One thing to note? Kevin can not stop smiling as he
stares at Nora. It’s as if he’s seeing her for the first time
all over again. He refuses to let Nora ruin the moment and
interrupts her to invite her to a dance. Nora is stunned. She
asks him to leave through tears and he tells her that he’ll be
there if she changes her mind.

No, Kevin’s Not Crazy & Neither Is Nora

Just when you think something really, truly weird is going on
we find out that it’s not. Nora calls Laurie, who is also much
older but living back in America and holding a baby on her lap.
Apparently Nora and Laurie have been in touch all these years
and Nora believes it was Laurie who told Kevin where she was.
Laurie vehemently denies this because she’s been acting as
Nora’s therapist all these years, then tells Nora that she
called her because she wants to go to the dance and wants
approval from someone else. Nora screams at Laurie that this
isn’t true, hangs up on her, and heads back home. Later, Nora
goes to the dance.

It turns out the dance is not a dance, it’s a wedding, and when
Nora finds Kevin he continues the charade of pretending to
barely know her. He even tells her that he never left Mapleton
and that he’s still a cop there. Despite the charade Nora
manages to get Kevin to talk about her brother, Matt, and his
funeral. He tells her over 400 people came and that Matt’s
wife, Mary, gave the eulogy. Kevin also shares that his
daughter, Jill, got married and has a one year old — likely the
baby we saw sitting on Laurie’s lap earlier. His son, Tommy,
also got married but it didn’t work out. When Nora asks Kevin
if he ever got remarried he says no because he was always
holding a candle for her. Nora gets overwhelmed by this and
changes the subject immediately to ask how Kevin’s dad is, and
we learn he’s 91 years old and still going strong.

Nora uses this to bring up Kevin’s mortality. She jokes that
being “immortal” runs in the family, and Kevin gets serious and
tells her that he had a heart attack a few years back and now
has a pacemaker. He’s officially not immortal. After an
interruption by the bride Kevin asks Nora to dance, and she
quietly agrees. It’s clear that they are both emotional as they
take the dance floor together, and slowly but surely they begin
to embrace each other as they rock back and forth. She asks him
one more time how he found her and he tells her the same thing
he’s been telling her all along: that he’s on vacation and he
saw her riding her bicycle. Nora’s had enough and she tells him
she can’t do this because it’s not true, then leaves him
standing alone on the dance floor.

Both Kevin & Nora Finally Tell The Truth

The next morning, after a torturous night for Nora I’ll get to
in a minute, Kevin shows up at her house again. He storms into
her backyard where she’s sitting and finally tells her the
truth: that when her brother, Matt, told him that she was gone
but he never believed it. He had a “feeling” she was still
here. He tells her that he was determined to find her after
that so every year since he has spent his two weeks of vacation
in Australia. Kevin says he shows her picture to everyone he
meets hoping they’ll know her but up until he met the nun no
one had. Now Kevin is crying as he tells Nora that once he saw
her he didn’t know where to start or what to say, which is why
he was pretending everything they had been through never
happened. He hoped it would give them another chance. Nora’s
response to this? She invites him inside for tea.

Once they are sitting down, Kevin tells he’s still in Jarden
(aka Miracle) in the same house. Nora confesses that she talks
to Laurie sometimes, which seems to upset Kevin since it’s
likely Laurie knew he was looking for her all these years. Nora
also tells Kevin that he was right, that she needed to see her
children, and explains how she said goodbye to Matt and went to
the other side. We don’t get to see what Nora experienced, but
she tells him in detail that it was essentially the exact same
world they are in now, all the while being the complete
opposite. As if it was another plane, a mirror of where they
are now. The difference? The people on the other side have lost
so much more than they have. As Nora puts it, “Over here? We
lost some of them. Over there? They lost all of us.”

She did, eventually, find her children. When she got to
Mapleton she said most of the houses were abandoned and
overgrown with weeds, but she found her way back to the home
she shared with her family. Nora shares that she was too scared
to knock on the door so she just stood across the street
watching the house and waiting for any sign of her family.
Eventually the front door opened and her children came outside,
but she didn’t recognize them. Her son was a teenager, her
daughter eleven years old. Nora also saw her husband come
outside, but he was with another woman. She said that they were
smiling and seemed happy, that they were the “lucky ones”
because they had each other. She was the ghost in this
scenario, and she immediately knew she had no place there. To
get back she had to track down the man who made the machine in
the first place and beg him to make another, which he did.

So, why didn’t she call Kevin when she got back? She thought
too much time had passed, and she didn’t think he would believe
her if she told him where she had been. Kevin tells her he does
believe her and they take each others hands as they both cry.
“You’re here,” he tells her. “I’m here,” she responds. The
camera pans outside and we watch as slowly but surely Nora’s
doves return while the sun sets behind her house. The end.

Here’s What’s Up With The Doves

Since this is likely extremely symbolic, let me explain the
doves. As you see in the beginning Nora (then going as Sarah)
catches a bunch of doves, puts them in a cage, and rides them
over to the nun. Later that night when she shows up at the
wedding and the bride interrupts her conversation with Kevin,
we learn what the doves are for. The nun brings them to
weddings where guests are asked to write notes that are
attached to the doves and then they are released into the sky.
There is also a goat that is brought around the wedding so that
guests can put their beaded necklaces around it’s neck. After
the wedding when Nora first returns home her doves are not back
in their cage. She rushes over to the nun’s house and demands
to know what the nun did with her trained doves, but she hasn’t
done anything. On her way home Nora finds the goat from the
wedding trapped on a fence. The necklaces he was given were
never removed before he was released, and Nora has to help free
him by removing them and detaching him from the fence he’s
stuck to. She brings the goat back home with her and is feeding
it when Kevin shows up. As already mentioned, once Nora and
Kevin reunite the doves start to return.

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