‘FTWD’s S3 Premiere Finally Gives Us The Reunion We’ve Been Waiting For

The suspense is endless on the season three premiere episode of
‘Fear The Walking Dead’, which finally reunites Madison with
her son, Nick. Unfortunately the family reunion doesn’t last
very long as their happy ending is ripped apart yet again.

As season three of Fear The Walking Dead opens, we see
Madison (Kim Dickens), Travis (Cliff
) and Alicia (Alycia
) are being taken into the American
military base we saw in the season two finale. They are
handcuffed and have two soldiers on each side of them
so there is no escape
, and while Alicia is trying to fight
her way free Madison keeps begging her to stop. I have to
mention that this military base does not seem like a safe
place. Not only were there dozens of dead bodies outside of the
entrance as the three were being dragged in, but other people
were being killed, seemingly for fun or for sport, once we
finally got to see inside. The three survivors are separated,
and we follow Travis as he’s taken into a building where he’s
weighed, measured, given a number and then thrown in a dark
jail cell full of other people. As he’s sitting there in the
dark looking at all of the faces around him he spots a familiar
one: Nick (Frank Dillane).

When the guard watching them leaves the room, Travis quickly
and quietly moves to sit next to Nick. He immediately tells him
that his mother and sister, Madison and Alicia, are here, too,
but that they were taken somewhere else. Nick’s face wrinkles
up and you can see he’s devastated to hear that they are in
this terrible place, too. A moment passes and he asks Travis
about Chris, but the look on Travis’ face and his dead silence
tells Nick what he needs to know: Chris is dead. Luciana
(Danay Garcia) is resting her head on Nick’s
shoulder as he chats with Travis, but there are no time for
introductions. Nick asks if they were looking for him and
Travis says yes, and then he promises he’s going to take him to
his mother and get them all out of here. Both Nick and Luciana
seem surprised by this, but Travis’ determination can’t be
shattered. Not yet, at least.

We finally get to see where Madison and Alicia were taken, and
it seems they’ve been locked in an old office. They search for
anything that could help them escape but come up empty. Alicia
complains that they shouldn’t have come here and should have
stopped looking for Nick because it always falls back on them,
and that’s when a soldier comes in. He introduces himself as
Troy (Daniel Sharman) and brings them hot tea
to drink before apologizing for how they were “handled” on
their way inside. Madison and Alicia have a lot of questions,
and Troy tells them they need to know if they are expecting
other people or not. They say no and ask where Travis is, and
he tells them that he’s being “processed”. That everyone needs
to be processed, which suggests that the military base and the
people on it are actually doing their jobs. What Travis saw,
however, tells us differently. As Madison explains why they
were in Mexico and that she and Travis are “together”, Troy
takes notes in his notebook. He tells her there aren’t any
Americans there except his guys, so Madison pleads that he let
her go. Troy doesn’t seem too interested in doing that but he
does say that once they are processed they will get supplied
and “off you go”. How much do you wanna bet right now he’s
lying through his teeth?

When he leaves we get to follow him now, and he meets up with
another soldier (played by ShamelessNoel
) where a recently killed man’s body is sitting
up. It seems they are timing how long it takes people to turn,
and they watch excitedly as he comes back to life right before
their eyes. Bizarre.

Once Troy is done with the dead guy he heads into the room
where Travis is being held captive. He spots Travis and asks
him where he’s from, likely to confirm he’s an actual American,
and Nick jumps into the conversation to ask where Madison and
Alicia are. Troy says, again, that they are being “processed”,
and that’s when Travis suggests he let Luciana have some
medical attention. Troy practically laughs this suggestion off
and tells him that “everyone dies” in this place, which is
definitely not a good sign for the rest.

Travis Makes A Plan For Survival

Later it seems Travis has made a friend as there is now a guy
sitting next to him. They are watching one of the prisoners who
has turned and the other guy is repeatedly saying he is not
going to die like that. Travis asks how he can help them out of
this place, and the guy comes up with a master plan to get out
and find the tunnels. Unfortunately the tunnels will lead them
straight back to Mexico, but at this point what choice does
anyone have? Travis seems skeptical and this guy seems to know
way too much, but again… what choice does anyone have?

The redhead soldier comes into the room and makes eye contact
with Travis. He doesn’t seem happy about the fact that Travis
is so willing to look him in the eyes, so he suggests to
another soldier that they “do two” this time. The other soldier
reminds him that Troy, the obvious leader here, doesn’t want
them killing anyone else but the redhead doesn’t care. He calls
in two other soldiers and just when you think he’s going to
point out Travis and his new friend, he points at the people
right next to Nick and Luciana. The soldiers pick them up as
they beg for their lives, drag them away and you hear the
gunshots take their lives just a few feet away. Terrifying.

When we return again to Madison and Alicia, they are both sound
asleep in the office they’ve been locked in. In a bizarre turn
of events, Troy is sitting there writing in his notebook while
they sleep. Madison finally stirs awake and he quietly
addresses her and offers her warm coffee, but she seems
disturbed by his presence and understandably so. She asks what
he’s writing and he says it’s observations, that one day what
he’s writing will matter to someone. Madison then asks if they
passed his “processing” process and he says yes, with flying
colors, but that Travis has a different criteria to meet. Um,
what? “I’m not a bad person,” he tells Madison, seemingly out
of nowhere. Madison then asks if Travis is dead, but she
doesn’t get a straight answer out of Troy.

Troy tells Madison that he’s planning to leave and that he can
take her and Alicia with him. Madison is more concerned about
Travis so she pushes him for an answer, and Troy promises to
let him go under one condition: she comes with him. She asks if
he’s telling the truth but there’s a gunshot in the background
that sends him running out of the room, locking Madison and
Alicia in the office.

Travis is still very much alive and slowly but surely annoying
the soldiers who are watching the two dead guys and waiting for
them to come back. He keeps pushing their buttons, and it’s
unclear if he’s doing it because they keep unintentionally
sharing information or if because he wants to start a fight.
Things escalate when he pushes them too far and they try to
take Nick as a “third” victim, but Travis intervenes and
demands they kill him instead. He taunts them by telling them
his people don’t turn, which is likely not very true. Once
Travis is up he turns the tables on them and manages to get
free along with Nick, Luciana and the other guy. They make a
run for it, but do they really know where they are going?

They do finally make it outside, but it doesn’t take long for
them to be spotted by other armed soldiers. They make a run for
it but once they get close to the tunnels Travis stops running
and watches as Nick, Luciana and the other guy get away. We
watch as Nick and Luciana make their way down into the tunnel,
but the other guy gets shot multiple times before he can even
attempt to go after them. Nick watches in horror as the man who
helped them escape goes down, but quickly keeps moving to get
free. Instead of going after Nick and Luciana, the redhead
soldier slices the other guy’s throat open and drops him into
the tunnels telling him, “Happy hunting.” The last thing we see
is the redhead sealing the top of the tunnel which essentially
traps the three of them underground.

In the tunnels things don’t seem to be going well. Luciana
realizes she’s holding Nick back because of her injuries (she
was shot in the season two finale and still hasn’t been
treated), so she demands he leave her behind. He refuses,
telling her in Spanish he will “never” leave her behind, and
they keep going.

Madison Has Her Own Survival Plan

Travis is taken captive and back inside when Troy comes in and
asks what happened. The redhead explains what Travis and the
others did which obviously upsets Troy. To toy with Travis,
Troy tells him he just interrupted a “tender” moment between
him and Madison and then reveals that he’s planning to take
them home and take care of them. Travis wriggles to try and get
free to get to Troy but fails, even as he’s dragged right past
him. Instead of taking Travis downstairs and killing him they
lead him out back to a ditch where they keep a large group of
infected. Travis tries to fight it but he can’t win against a
group of soldiers who throw him down into what I can only
describe as the pit of death.

Troy wastes no time in returning to Madison and Alicia, but
he’s attacked the second he walks in the room. Madison jumps on
him from the back with the pocketknife Alicia was hiding, but
he manages to get it out of her hand before she can hurt him.
He then goes after Alicia but Madison quickly jumps on him
again, and once they are down on the desk Madison grabs a spoon
and shoves it right into his eye socket. It’s disgusting, but
it works. Madison instructs him not to move or he’ll lose his
eyeball completely, then tells Alicia to find a working vehicle
and, more importantly, Travis. Meanwhile, Nick and Luciana
finally find an exit to the tunnels, but when he gets the door
down it leads him into a massive horde of infected. They turn
to make a run for it right back into the tunnels, but will they
find another exit?

Now there’s a lot going on. We’re watching Travis fight for his
life, literally, by killing one infected after the other.
Madison has Troy’s eyeball in a spoon and is making her way
through the military base as he begs his men to back off so she
doesn’t scoop it right out. Alicia is still looking for a
vehicle, but she isn’t having much luck as none of the trucks
have any keys left inside them. Just when Travis thinks he’s
done killing infected, the redhead soldier, who is a complete
tool, unleashes more by opening a gate. Troy’s brother, Jake
(Sam Underwood), comes out of nowhere and
somehow appeals to Madison and convinces her to let him go,
promising to help her find her family. When she releases Troy
he lunges at her but his brother stops him and puts him on the
ground to ask where her family is, and Troy tells him that
Travis is in the pit. In the tunnels, Luciana can’t go on
anymore and falls to the ground in a pile of tears. Nick begs
her to keep going but the infected version of the man who
helped them get where they are appears and tackles him to the
ground. Right now the only person who seems to have even a
chance of surviving all of this is Alicia, who gets distracted
from looking for a vehicle by the sounds of Nick being
attacked. She runs to a grate that looks down into the tunnels
to see her brother and Luciana begging for help and drops her
pocket knife to him, letting Luciana use what’s left of her
strength take the infected out and save Nick. Unfortunately for
Alicia, the commotion leads two soldiers straight to her and
they grab her and drag her away.

Time For A Long Overdue Family Reunion

Madison is brought to the pit where an exhausted and almost
delirious Travis is standing over piles of infected bodies.
It’s unclear how he managed to survive the attack, but he did.
He’s covered in blood when he’s helped out of the pit by the
soldiers thanks to Jake’s orders, and Travis immediately
attacks Troy. The soldiers pull him off of him and Travis turns
to tell Madison that Nick is here, too, somewhere. Suddenly we
hear Alicia calling for her mom and Madison turns to go to her
daughter. Behind Alicia is Nick struggling with the soldiers
escorting him. Madison demands they let him go and he runs to
his mother to embrace her, then pulls Alicia in, too. This is
the big reunion we’ve been waiting for and it’s a real

It turns out that Troy’s brother is pretty great. He lets
Travis and Madison pack up supplies even while urging them to
reconsider the decision to leave. He tells them there’s nowhere
to go with the exception of a sanctuary his father built,
claiming there’s “good people” there. Madison questions what
he’s saying considering they are all related to Troy, but Jake
swears it’s different. When Jake leaves to get their guns for
them, it allows a tender moment between Madison and Travis. She
helps clean some of the blood off of him and thanks him for
what he did, then apologizes for everything that happened
before. Travis promises he’s okay and that he’s with her, and
in the background we see Luciana getting medical attention as
Nick and Alicia look on. The family is finally back together,
minus Chris of course (RIP), and back on American soil.

Somewhere else on the base Troy’s brother approaches him inside
a bunker. He demands to know why he’s doing what he’s doing,
killing the innocent, and Troy claims it’s all for “research”.
He also tells Jake that his dad “gets it”, which is interesting
since Jake just told Madison and Travis that his dad was
running the sanctuary. Troy’s brother reminds him that he was
“cast out” of the sanctuary and that their dad did it for a
reason, but Troy and his not-so-cool new eyepatch don’t care.
Elsewhere on the base we see the redhead soldier leaving a
locker room as if he’s checking out for the day. As he walks
through the empty halls he hears a rumbling in the wall that
peaks his curiosity. He pops a vent off of the wall and dozens
of rats come out, knocking him to his feet. When he gets back
up a walker reaches through the hole in the wall and pulls him
in for a bite. We get to watch as the prick screams for his
life and eventually has his neck broken when the walker pulls
him through the wall to finish him off. Ah, karma!

Just as Madison is packing up a truck to leave a horde
approaches out of nowhere. It seems they somehow made their way
through the tunnels right onto the base, and they overwhelm the
situation much quicker than expected. Travis, Alicia and
Luciana are forced to jump onto the helicopter that Jake had
already started up while Madison and Nick get surrounded by
infected. Then another unexpected thing happens: Troy pulls up
on the back of a truck and shoots out a bunch of the
infected to save Madison and Nick
. This gives them a chance
to make a run for it, but they have no choice but to get into
Troy’s truck. As the helicopter flies away with Travis, Alicia
and Luciana onboard and Troy’s truck drives off of the base he
tells her, “We’re all going to the same place now.” Madison and
Nick are not excited about this, even after Troy saved their
lives, and Travis watches them closely from the helicopter as
long as he can. Will the family reunite at this so-called
sanctuary Jake was talking about, or are we destined for
another season full of separation?

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